Why “Posttransitionguy” and Going Stealth

New blog, new first post. Although some of you may be reading this from the link from my old blog, soon to be made private, I figure I’ll introduce myself anyway. I’m a trans guy, and while I have quite a lot of stuff going on in my life other than that, that’ll be primarily what I’ll be blogging about. I’m almost 2 years on testosterone and over a year post top surgery. Post-transition is a bit of a misnomer, I believe that we’re never really fully done transitioning. Just like growing up, we continue to change throughout our lifespans. However, I’m done with the bulk of my obvious changes and feel like I’ve entered a new stage in my transition, one that focuses on more the social and emotional issues than the physical ones. Unlike a lot of trans* blogs, this one will not be about getting on testosterone, changing documentation, or funding surgeries. Instead it will primarily focus on how I navigate the world as a man who missed out on a lot of male socialization, how I deal with going stealth, and my reflections on what being trans means to me at this point in my transition. My username, posttransitionguy, is meant to reflect this, even though I don’t necessarily accept the division of trans* people into pre- and post-transition categories.

So yeah. Other than that I’m in my twenties, in graduate school, and in a long-term relationship with a woman. If that seems really vague that’s because it’s meant to. Although I’m used to my life being a completely open book, I recently moved and made the decision to try living stealth. That meant my old blog, which had a lot of pictures of me and identifying information, had to go. Although my face and name are still out there on the internet for someone who wanted to find out, I want to feel safe posting about my inner thoughts on this blog without worrying about new people I meet finding it and connecting it to me. So, no real identifying information other than stuff related to my transition.

We’ll see how this goes.